Regiments refutes involvement in the purchase of Optimum Coal Mine

Following the release of the “State of Capture” report by the Public Protector, Regiments Capital categorically denies that it contributed R40-million towards the purchase of Optimum Coal Mine. Nor did we ever grant a loan to the company.

In fact, Regiments has never had any business relationship with the said mining company. We are willing to subject ourselves to any scrutiny to verify this fact.

The Office of the Public Protector did not approach our company to hear our side of the story before the “State of Capture” report was finalized on 14 October. We were therefore not aware that we were going to be named in the investigation.

However, we welcome the proposed judicial commission and we shall participate in the process wholeheartedly.  We have always run our business above board and in line with the laws and regulations of the country.