Fund Management

Regiments Fund Managers, a subsidiary of Regiments, is a leading Liability Driven Investment (LDI) manager in South Africa. Our Fund Managers division specialises in delivering tailored solutions to the public sector, helping clients repay large debt arrangements on time. Our current products include debt redemption funds, retirement liability-plus and the enhanced money market solution. We currently manage over R3 billion in assets against over R7.8 billion in liabilities.

Fund Managers Business Solutions

Debt redemption fund

Debt redemption fund A liability-plus solution that assists public sector clients in managing and repaying large debt arrangements on time

Pension liability-plus

Defined benefit funds are particularly amenable to liability-driven investment solutions. Our liability-plus pension solution integrates all of the investment and modelling steps in a pension fund.

Post-retirement medical aid

Post-retirement health benefits are paid out to members post retirement. These unfunded medical liabilities are generally driven by medical inflation which has historically been significantly higher than general inflation.

ALBI-plus solution

This solution applies some of the techniques from liability-plus to asset-only management in order to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.

Development debt investment fund

Invests in various unlisted credit issues and produce good returns for investors while assisting in social development of South Africa

Structured property arbitrage fund

Regiments structured property arbitrage fund offers attractive yield enhancement opportunities by attractive return. Negative correlation between listed property and bond yields provides arbitrage benefits to investors

Rand hedge equity ETF

Provides SA institutional investors with smart equity exposure that hedges against adverse Rand movements

SA domestic equity ETF

Provides SA institutional investors with smart equity exposure that focuses on domestic companies

Fund Managers Investment Philosophy