Private Equity

Since inception, Regiments has prioritised revenue and profit generation. This distinguishes the group from a number of other BBBEE investment firms with significant asset value but little liquidity. It is on this cash flow-generating basis that the group formally began its Investments arm in 2006.

With cash on its balance sheet, the group can contribute ‘skin in the game’ on transactions. Over the years, our Investments strategy has been refined to focus on Strategic, Accelerator and Opportunistic investments.  We do, however, choose to focus on social infrastructure investments where, typically, we invest small amounts of money and lots of intellectual property, looking for ‘game changing’ investments that will bring about significant transformation in a sector.

Private Equity Business Solutions

Business concept development

Experienced, networked industry specialists. Business plan. Financial modeling. Corporate set-up. Funding, structuring and arranging. Corporate support services. Business implementation

Capital mobilization

Venture capital funding. DFI, grant and friendly funding. Debt and mezzanine funding. Strategic investor funding

Value enhancement

Portfolio evaluation. Value unlock opportunities. Financial structuring

Post-investment management

Management accounting. Strategy consulting. Operational improvement. Governance. Investment committee. Management “agents”. Board participation

With a varied portfolio of investments generating continued growth in net asset value, the Regiments Principal Investment portfolio has shown outstanding investment performance.  Our Investment types include Venture Capital Investments, Strategic Investments, Accelerator Investments as well as Incubator Investments.

Our Investments