Real Estate

Driven by a passion for property and with a view of providing innovative real estate solutions that bring about socio-economic change, we stimulate national opportunity through infrastructure development; we design, structure and implement solutions, optimising property portfolios and raising finance for large property developments. With investment banking at the core of the Regiments skillset, we integrate those skills and that temperament into our Real Estate process.

Real Estate Business Solutions

Real estate advisory

Land fact base, analysis and outline of plausible development scenarios. Whole lifecycle [pre-, during and post- development] ensuring alignment with market condition and regulations

Real estate fund management

Establish and Operationalise SPV for Land and Development. Development Marketing

Real estate development management

Drive all development activities with professional teams and contractors

Post development management facilitation

Initial sales and distribution management. Leasing and Broking. Provide efficient Facilities Management services

Our Flagship Developments

35 Ferguson Road

35 Ferguson was launched in 2015 as the first major development by the Regiments Real Estate division.

A refreshingly light and sustainably driven building, 35 Ferguson differs from many company headquarters as it is a multi-tenanted building with numerous examples of efficient uses of space between the tenants.

These include:

  • A common client reception
  • Client centre with a shared boardrooms offering
  • A communal training room that seats 200 guests; this offers a great space for mass conferencing, training of staff, as well as a host of other required uses by the occupants of the building.
  • A restaurant on the roof of the building that offers canteen facilities for occupants in the building as well as a facility available for bespoke events

Kgoro Central

Breaking new ground at the centre of our economy

Our flagship project, in collaboration with the City of Johannesburg, is a local investment, a global benchmark, and a blueprint for future sustainable development.  Kgoro Central is innovation expressed.  The location alone, above the Gautrain Sandton and stretching back to Sandton Square, makes the Kgoro site arguably the premier development site in Africa. It is at the nexus of South Africa’s major transport networks, and within a major business district: the easiest, most convenient and most logical place for people to meet.  An Afropolitan centre in the truest sense, Kgoro is a multi-functional, internodal hub where cultures converge, industries merge, where people express, and where international business gets done.

Kgoro has been envisioned as a global touch point: an open, secure, pedestrian-friendly space that, in true Afropolitan spirit, it is set to pump 24/7 … generating the very energy Africa needs to compete in the global arena.  In the long term, Kgoro’s design will ensure that it stands as a sustainable example for generations. In the short term, this world-class facility will enhance the Sandton skyline and elevate the civic experience.