Protecting the individual by planning for the good of all.

We are founded on a commitment to transformation, and particularly the empowerment of black professionals within South Africa’s financial services sector. Our country’s broad based economic empowerment agenda has the potential not only to redress inequality, but also to boost economic growth, accelerate the participation of black people in the economy, and create a better lift for all.


We admire the buffalo because we share its values.
We serve a nation because we share its vision.
We succeed only because we share the load.
We progress because we work together.

“We’re about making a difference, and to us making a difference is helping the South African public sector to effectively roll out their infrastructure plans, which then makes a difference to individuals and to communities as a whole.” Niven Pillay, Executive Director

Corpporate Social Investment

Committed to the community.


Protecting what’s important is a shared effort.