Corporate Social Investment

Committed to the community.

“Our human compassion binds us the one to the other – not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future.” Nelson Mandela

The concept “I am, because we are”, compels us, above all, to make a difference: with our people, in our communities, in our country and across the continent. Because for one to succeed, we must all succeed. At Regiments, we believe in planning for the future – We invest in Africa by being vested in it.

Regiments is strongly committed to Corporate Social Investment, and stimulating socio-economic development on a grand scale is part of Regiments’ DNA. Through our Regiments Cares programmes, we aim to make a measurable, positive impact on the development of impoverished communities in our country.

Our strategic focus areas

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Our initiatives

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Langa Library

The redevelopment of Langa Public Library in the Cape Peninsula started in early 2011. Initiated by our Executive Chairman, Litha Nyhonyha, a former resident of the township and a member of the library, this initiative is one that will remain close to our hearts.

Today we find ourselves having contributed more than R1.5million, enabling primary and high schools, orphanages and the community at large to benefit from its first-grade computer center, internet facilities, reference sections, audio visual equipment, upgraded infrastructure facilities and more than 5000 books.  Coupled with the outreach programmes hosted by the library, the transformation is significant in that on completion it will continue to make a positive impact on its community for generations to come.

Pudumo Primary School

In nurturing the leaders of tomorrow, the Regiments Cares program supports initiatives that have lasting, sustainable impact in South African communities. Looking to the critical area of education and child welfare, we decided to support Pudumo Primary School.

With a specific goal of improving nutrition and the academic experience of the children, we developed a model to address these challenges. A 500 sqm food garden was installed early in 2013 to supplement the school’s existing feeding scheme. Given that in most cases it is the only meal of the day for many of the children.

An overhaul of the library and 8 classrooms bring about a new energy for the learners. And with a little extra care extended to 30 learners from child-headed households, we hope to continue making strides in the coming years, albeit providing the learners with school shoes, socks, warm winter woollies and blankets, food parcels or getting them ready for the school year after the festive season. We are committed to becoming a pillar of support to both students, educators and the community of Orange Farm.

Aryan Benevolent Home

Situated in the township of Chatsworth in Durban KZN, home to Executive Director, Niven Pillay, Aryan Benevolent Home provides solitude to children, the elderly and physically or mentally disabled people who have no one else to provide for their needs.

The children’s home caters to more than 100 orphaned, destitute, abused and neglected children. 500 Aged and disabled men and women formerly faced with poverty, isolation and disrespect are provided with a tranquil home where they are well cared for and all their medical needs are met. Our financial assistance contributes to the efficient management of the facilities enabling the large contingent of volunteers to continue to do the work they so dearly love.

Staff Initiatives

Stimulating socio-economic development in our country is engrained in our DNA. We encourage our people to remain passionate about making a difference in their own communities.

Regiments Cares therefore supports all staff initiatives passionately championed to encourage continued goodwill.

Contributions and support is a team effort and everyone in our organisation lends a hand to ensure the initiative is seen to its fruition.

Other initiatives