Our Brand

The name ‘Regiments’ echoes the famous Zulu regiments commanded by King Shaka … synonymous with honour, strength and order. To us, a regiment is a well-oiled collection of units, working together in perfect harmony – fast, agile, disciplined and focused.

The African buffalo, in turn, reminds us that while we may be formidable alone, together we are unstoppable. While some may only see a buffalo, we see what it represents: strategy, community and a fierce instinct to protect its own. We see collective intelligence, we see the strength of the herd, we see an instinct to work for the good of all.

Constantly inspired by the Southern Cross, the guiding constellation in the Southern sky, we are encouraged to remain steadfast in Enabling Progress and helping to guide our nation to transformation and prosperity.

We use our collective expertise, experience and knowledge of the public sector to leverage opportunities in the market, growing the wealth of our client-partners and our country and continent as a whole.