Our Story

Regiments Capital was founded in 2004 by 6 partners who came together with the intention of using their expertise and experience to help in the transformation of our society. With this admirable social agenda and a strong ethical base, they have attracted like-minded partners, possessed of the same entrepreneurial spirit, and have since grown the company into a multi-skilled, multi-faceted team.

Having been through some tough times, we’ve persevered and flourished, trusting our judgment and standing by our decisions to the point of becoming a true global player, after just 12 years.

The Southern Cross Guides Us…

Our Purpose

To enable progress.

Our Vision

Be the pre-eminent and innovative financial services business at the public-private nexus. 

Our Mission

By ensuring that we:

  • Put clients and socio-economic development at the centre of everything we do
  • Continuously innovative at the private-public nexus
  • Differentiate through superior service and competitive integrated solutions that are practical and executable
  • Are brilliant at successfully implementing large and complex capital programmes
  • Have competent, diverse and engaged people in our teams

Regiments Milestones

After a decade of enabling progress, our story is just beginning

  • 2004

    1 February 2004

    • Developed a risk management framework for a large state-owned entity (SOE).

  • 2005

    25 February 2005

    • Participated in the successful joint management of SOE’s Euro 500 million bond issue, which was five times oversubscribed.
    • A bond desk was acquired from FFO Securities and re-branded as Regiments Securities.
    • Participated in Nedbank Eyethu BEE scheme.

  • 2006

    11 June 2006

    • Financial advisor to the raising of R1 billion term loan.
    • Acquired Capitec Bank Limited shares via Ashbrook consortium.
    • Appointed as fund manager for a sinking (redemption) fund for a metro municipality.

  • 2007

    21 May 2007

    • Financial advisor for R6 billion of banking facilities for a large SOE.
    • Acquired a 51% stake in Risk Monitor Group.

  • 2008

    20 June 2008

    • Built an econometric credit risk model for a SOE.
    • Participated in Sasol Nzalo BEE scheme.

  • 2009

    17 September 2009

    • Financial advisor for R1 billion debut bond issue for a SOE.
    • Independent valuation of a client’s assets to be used as collateral against its credit exposures.

  • 2010

    18 June 2010

    • Participated in MTN Zakehle BEE scheme.
    • Regiments Kgoro consortium appointed as developer for mixed-use Kgoro Gateway development in Sandton.

  • 2011

    22 July 2011

    • Raised R2.5 billion bilateral loan funding on behalf of a municipal client.
    • Acquired 51% stake in Burlington Strategy Advisors.
    • Acquired Duality Fund Managers.

  • 2012

    15 September 2012

    • Secured R75 million funding for M-Care sub-acute hospitals.

  • 2013

    18 March 2013

    • Joint arranger for R5.5 billion restructure of existing loan portfolio for a municipal client.
    • Preparation of funding plan for a SOE.
    • Appointed as one of the lead managers for inaugural issue of a client’s major bond.
    • Acquired additional 39% stake in Burlington Strategy Advisors.

  • 2014

    19 August 2014

    • Transaction advisor for acquisition of 1064 locomotives valued at R55 billion.
    • Re-appointed as fund manager for a municipality’s debt redemption fund.
    • Ten-year anniversary milestone.

  • 2015

    1 March 2015

    • Purchased M-Care now known as Nurture Care Group • Completed first real estate development project: 35 Ferguson Road