Our Values

At the heart of our values, lies the concept “I am because we are”, reminding us that for one to succeed we must all succeed. With this constantly in mind, we set about our business: thinking unconventionally, working innovatively, and pushing our boundaries. We are passionate about service excellence, working not just to meet, but to exceed expectations, thereby creating value for our partners.


Like the buffalo, we are social, but also fierce when it comes to protecting our own. In a business sense, this means protecting the interests of our partners. It is our abiding commitment to those partners, both within our walls and beyond, that builds on Regiments’ culture of trust, mutual respect and shared purpose.


We create new ideas by unconventional thinking.

We create concepts that have acceleration potential for our business and people.


We ask “what if?” questions to test assumptions and traverse boundaries.

We seek better solutions through diverse thinking.

Client Focus

We nurture client relationships every step of the way.

We actively listen to and deeply understand our clients.

Execution Excellence

We create value through simplicity, speed and discipline of delivery.

We work to exceed expectations, ensuring individual and organizational high-performance.


We build collaboration by encouraging trust, mutual
respect and shared purpose.

We learn from others, genuinely valuing their input and expertise.

We model the behaviour we seek.


We must enjoy what we do.